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Mackay Athletes Conquer Great Wall Marathon

On Saturday, 18th of May, 15 dedicated athletes from Mackay, all representing Tri-ActiV8, achieved a monumental feat at the Great Wall Marathon in China.

Nikki Giles, Tri-ActiV8 Director, Head Coach and participant said, "We have a strong team spirit, camaraderie, and sense of adventure amongst us. It started as an idea and then suddenly a lot more of our tribe wanted to be a part of the journey."

The team tackled various distances: two participants competed in the 8.5km Fun Run, one in the 21km race, and 12 took on the full 42km marathon.

Their hard work and dedication paid off with impressive results as Jose Short secured 1st place in her female age group. Sam Sticklan achieved 4th place in her age group and 9th overall female. Emily Wicks finished 6th in her age group and Angus Wicks earned 2nd place in his age group.

Nikki said that preparation for the marathon's unique challenges was crucial.

"Getting our athletes ready was a really important component to achieving success in what is hailed as one of the most difficult marathons in the world.

"The secret is in the preparation and understanding what your body needs to compete in and complete such a gruelling event.

“Getting your fuelling right during the race is key to ensuring your body can go the distance and completing the 5,164 stairs," Nikki emphasised.  

The Tribe shared so many memorable moments from the marathon.

"Towards the end of the marathon, when we were completing the second run along the Wall in the reverse direction, there were a lot of shared moments of pain, cramping, sharing gels, and buying soft drinks to push the body over the final 2,582 stairs and 562m of elevation.

“At the finish line, we all reunited one by one. So many smiles, stories, and hugs."

Nikki underlined that Training in Mackay played a crucial role in their preparation.

"Blacks Beach stairs, internal fire escape stairs in high-rise buildings, efforts on local hills like High Street and Mt Bassatt, and the Conway Circuit were places where our athletes conditioned their legs and bodies."

The dedication and spirit of the Tri-ActiV8 tribe continue to inspire, with the latest conquest of the Great Wall Marathon serving as a testament to the Tribe’s enduring passion and mateship. The remarkable achievements of Mackay's athletes have set the bar high, showcasing exceptional talent and determination on an international stage.

Tri-ActiV8 Tribe

Selena Corness, Emily Wicks, Nikki Giles

Sandra Macklin

Rod Wood. Photos supplied

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