Thursday, September 21, 2023


Mackay and Whitsunday Life

Mackay Bowls Club

The Mackay Club held the Ladies Triples Champion of Champions last Thursday and Friday.

The Mackay Team of Janice Nelson, Robyn Schatowski , Erin Clemett went down by 1 point to Sarina Club in the semi-final.

Richie Mroz travelled to Arlie Beach for the Champion of Champions B singles and was beaten by the eventual winner.

This weekend Steve Cassidy travels to St Helens Club for the Senior Singles Champion of Champions.


Tuesday Social Play

Winner of Winners; Julie Caban, Marie Mayfield, Dot McMamara.

Winner of Losers: Alan Bartlett, Peter Nelson, Robyn Schatkowski, Barry Paskins.

No Scroungers were played on Thursday due to Mackay Club hosting Ladies Champion of Champions

Triples Friday Social Play

Winners: Leanne Jenner, Erin Clemett, Robyn Schatkowski.

Competition Results:

Men’s B Pairs: Michael Coll, Steve Cassidy Def Peter Nelson, Col Stevens.

Contributed by Mike Irving

Robyn Schatkowski, Janice Nelson Erin Clemett

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