Thursday, September 21, 2023


Mackay and Whitsunday Life

Mackay Contract Bridge Club

Twenty-four pairs played in the Mackay Barometer Pairs on the weekend of September 2-3, each pair playing 23 other pairs consisting of five boards per game. Lots of bridge was played with players attending from Townsville, Bowen and Rockhampton. Category A was won by a Rockhampton pair of Jan Randall and Don Cameron. Second place went to Janet Hansen and Diane Morgan with Max Holewa and Diane Holewa in 3rd place. Category B 1st - Faye Wright and Christine Nice 2nd - Jan Harris and Helen Van den Broek. Category C 1st – Sandra Morris and Annie Lynch. 2nd – Lydie Martin and Sue Breeze (Bowen)

The Magnetic Island Open Teams event was played in Townsville on the weekend of September 9-10. Mackay team Terry Sheedy, Janelle Conroy, Frances, and Alan Brown took out first place.

Mackay Barometer Pairs Results – Red Points Weekend

Category A Category B Category C

1st Jan Randall / Don Cameron 1st Faye Wright / Christine Nice 1st Sandra Morris / Annie Lynch

2nd Janet Hansen / Diane Morgan 2nd Jan Harris / Helen Van Den Broek 2nd Lydie Martin / Sue Breeze

3rd Max Holewa / Diane Holewa 3rd

Weekly Results

Monday 11 September 2023 – 7 Table One Winner Green Points

1st David Ting / Eric Goodchild 2nd Debra Goodchild / Ming Ting

3rd Edward Kliese / Diane Stokes 4th Helen Van Den Broek / Jan Harris

5th Victor Mason / Antonia Tarradas 6th Anne Lutz / Griffin Bancroft

Tuesday Evening 12 September 2023 – 4 Table One Winner Mitchell Green Points

1st Janet Hansen / Faye Wright 2nd Helen Van Den Broek / Terrence Sheedy

3rd Diane Morgan / Sandra Morris 4th Eric Leivesley / Simon Barnes

Wednesday 13 September 2023 – 9 Table Mitchell Green Points


1st Monica Darley / Kath Poole 1st David Ting / Eric Goodchild

2nd Antonia Tarradas / Joyce Deguara 2nd Jan Harris / Sandra Morris

3rd Janet Hansen / Alan Brown 3rd Diane Holewa / Max Holewa

Thursday Evening 14 September 2023 – 4 Table Green Points

1st Patricia Garner / Mick King 1st Ken Seaniger / Robert Carless

2nd Frances Brown / Ann Whitmore 2nd Karen Caldwell / Susan Gibson

Friday 15 September 2023 – 10 Table Mitchell Green Points

1st Monica Darley / Gwen Liddell 1st Geoff Taylor / Joy Robinson

2nd Edward Kliese / Nancy Wix 2nd Frances Brown / Alan Brown

3rd Helen Van Den Broek / Don Poole 3rd David Ting / Ming Ting

Saturday 16 September 2023 – 11 Table Mitchell Green Points


1st Roland Taylor / Jarek Taylor 1st Frances Brown / Alan Brown

2nd Janet Hansen / Diane Morgan 2nd Faye Wright / Christine Nice

3rd Mick King / Jan Harris 3rd Terrence Sheedy / Ian Gaskell

Barometer Pairs Category A runners up Diane Morgan and Janet Hansen

Barometer Pairs Category C winners Anne Lutz (facilitator), winners Annie Lynch and Sandra Morris

Magnetic Island Teams winners Terrence Sheedy, Frances Brown, Director, Janelle Conroy and Alan Brown

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