Thursday, November 2, 2023


Mackay and Whitsunday Life

Mackay Contract Bridge Club

After three weekends of Bridge, Frances Brown won the Presidents Cup followed by Janelle Conroy in second place.

Sandy Patterson and Geoff Cowan won the Novice Pairs with Joy Block and Diane Stokes as the runners up.


28th October – Presidents Cup Final Results

1st Frances Brown

2nd Janelle Conroy

3rd Max Holewa

4th Robert Carless

29th October – Novice Pairs Final Results

1st Sandy Patterson / Geoff Patterson

2nd Joy Block / Diane Stokes

3rd Ian Gaskell / Carol Gaskell 4th Annie Lynch / Ann Whitmore

23rd October – 5 Table Mitchell Green Points


1st Monica Darley / Kath Poole

2nd Terry Sheedy / Janelle Conroy

3rd Pamela Finger / Ming Ting


1st David Ting / Eric Goodchild

2nd Helen Van Den Broek / Jan Harris

3rd Geoff Cowan / Sandy Patterson

24th October – 4 Table One Winner Mitchell Green Points

1st Noel Bugeia / Eric Goodchild

2nd Mary Cruickshank / Ian Cruickshank

3rd Marilin Robins / Faye Wright 4th Helen Van Den Broek / Terrence Sheedy

25th October – 8 Table Mitchell Green Points


1st David Ting / Eric Goodchild

2nd Max Holewa / Diane Holewa

3rd Janelle Conroy / Noel Bugeia


1st Terrence Sheedy / Eric Leivesley

2nd Monica Darley / Kath Poole

3rd Joy Robinson / Robert Carless

26th October – 4 Table One Winner Green Points

1st Ken Seaniger / Robert Carless

2nd Debra Goodchild / Eric Goodchild

3rd Patricia Garner / Mick King 4th Susan Ross / Jan Harris

27th October – 7 Table Mitchell Green Points


1st Eric Goodchild / Sandy Patterson

2nd Geoff Taylor / Joy Robinson

3rd Helen Van Den Broek / Don Poole


1st Ann Whitmore / Julie O’Neill

2nd Diane Stokes / Marie McGuire

3rd Janelle Conroy / Pamela Finger

28th October – Presidents Cup Week 3 of 3 - 10 Table Mitchell Red Points


1st David Ting / Debra Goodchild

2nd Diane Holewa / Max Holewa

3rd Alan Brown / Diane Morgan


1st Helen Van Den Broek / Monica Darley

2nd Ken Seaniger / Robert Carless

3rd Frances Brown / Janelle Conroy

29th October – Novice Pairs Week 3 of 3 – 6 Table One Winner Red Points

1st Mary Cruickshank / Noel Saunders

2nd Joy Block / Diane Stokes

3rd Sandy Patterson / Geoff Cowan

Contributed by Joy Block

Geoff, Ian (Director) and Sandy - Novice Pairs Winners

Some table action at Mackay Contract Bridge Club

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