Thursday, August 24, 2023


Mackay and Whitsunday Life

Mackay Contract Bridge Club Weekly Results

Eight teams battled in the final of the Whitsunday Zone GNOT Gold Points event on Saturday at the Mackay Contract Bridge Club. Team Conroy came out on top winning the event.

Monday 31 July 2023 – 6 Table One Winner Green Pts

1st Janelle Conroy / Terrence Sheedy

2nd Frances Brown / Vicki Howard

3rd Monica Darley / Joy Robinson

4th Margaret Jennings / Marilin Robins

5th Helen Van Den Broek / Jan Harris

Tuesday 1 August 2023 Evening - 4 Table Mitchell Green Pts


1st Janelle Conroy / Eric Leivesley 1st Terrence Sheedy / Helen Van Den Broek

2nd Faye Wright / Marilin Robins 2nd Janet Hansen / Diane Morgan

Wednesday 2 August 2023 10 Table Mitchell Green Points


1st Janet Hansen / Alan Brown 1st Eric Goodchild / David Ting

2nd Sandra Morris / Jan Harris 2nd Monica Darley / Kath Poole

3rd Max Holewa / Diane Holewa 3rd Susan Wright / Bob Ellis

4th Joy Robinson / Robert Carless 4th Geoff Patterson / Sandy Patterson

5th Debbie Ludkin / Cath Willis 5th Victor Mason / John Ludkin

Thursday Evening 3 August 2023 - 5 Table One Winner

1st Janet Hansen / Diane Morgan

2nd Ian Cruickshank / Mary Cruickshank

3rd Terrence Sheedy / Jan Harris

4th Ken Seaniger / Robert Carless

Friday 4 August 2023 – 9 Table Mitchell Green Points


1st Edward Kliese / Nancy Wix 1st David Ting / Ming Ting

2nd Joyce Deguara / Toni Large 2nd Janine Rodgers / Richard Wix

3rd Terrence Sheedy / Janelle Conroy 3rd Geoff Cowan / Joy Robinson

4th Eric Goodchild / Sandy Patterson 4th Monica Darley / Gwen Liddell

Saturday 5 August 2023 – Whitsunday Zone GNOT Final - 8 Table Mitchell Gold Points

Team Team Members

1st Conroy Janelle Conroy / Geoff Taylor / Monica Darley / Ken Seaniger

2nd O’Neill Julie O'Neill - Sandra Morris - Patricia Garner - Sandy Patterson

3rd Morgan Diane Morgan / Janet Hansen / Frances Brown / Alan Brown

4th Leivesley Eric Leivesley - Tex Sheedy - Max Holewa - Diane Holewa

5th Sheffield Marilyn Scopelliti / Ellie Sheffield / Betty Andison / Renate Feige

6th Robins Marilin Robins - Anne Lutz - Antonia Tarradas - Christine Nice

7th Breeze Deb Breeze / Lydie Martin / Sue McInnes / Maureen Gallichan

8th Goodchild Debra Goodchild - Ming Ting - Eric Goodchild - David Ting

GNOT Finalists from Left to Right: Geoff Taylor, Janelle Conroy, Monica Darley and Ken Seaniger

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