Thursday, November 16, 2023


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Mackay Cycling Club Wraps Up Season

O'Meara Family Shield Race - Brauer Claims Victory

The Mackay Cycling Club wrapped up its 2023 season with the thrilling O'Meara Family Shield Race, facing challenging winds that created a headwind in every direction. Despite the tough conditions, riders gathered for the showdown. The scratch group, led by Kyle Marwood and Brendon Brauer, dominated the race, swiftly passing the field. Brauer emerged victorious, clinching the fastest male time at 45:57.

In a hard-fought battle, Kyle Marwood secured the second spot, followed by Paul Lampard in third. The top 10, including Brendan Hoban, Kevin Walters, Shaun Brennan, Tim Ffrost, Zac Schwarzrock, and Tenille Galea (fastest female with a time of 52:16), showcased the club's cycling talent. Special mention goes to volunteers Graham, Mark, Matt, and Kyle for ensuring the day's success.

O'Meara Family Shield Race Results:

1. Brendon Brauer (45:57)

2. Kyle Marwood

3. Paul Lampard

4. Brendan Hoban

5. Kevin Walters

6. Shaun Brennan

7. Tim Ffrost

8. Zac Schwarzrock

9. Tenille Galea (52:16)

Mackay Cycling Club 2023 Road Season - Tim Ffrost Clinches Cyclist of the Year

As the tyres cooled after the O'Meara Family Shield Race, the Mackay Cycling Club celebrated the conclusion of its 2023 Road Season. In a nail-biting finale, Tim Ffrost pedalled his way to victory, securing a good position in the final race to clinch the coveted Cyclist of the Year title. The season, marked by close finishes and intense competition, saw Ffrost emerge as the triumphant cyclist, with only a few points separating the top contenders.

The final standings for the 2023 Mackay Cycling Club Road Season highlight the remarkable performances of the top riders:

2023 Mackay Cycling Club Road Season Final Results:

1. Tim Ffrost - 63 points (Cyclist of the Year)

2. Luke Schatkowski - 61 points

3. Kyle Marwood - 51 points

4. Tenille Galea - 49 points Shaun Brennan - 49 points Brendan Hoban - 49 points

7. Glen McDermott - 45 points

8. Mark Sheather - 31 points Brendon Brauer - 31 points

10. Andy Pate - 30 points Tracy Falbo - 30 points

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