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Mackay Mater Welcomes 60 New-born May Babies

Mackay has recently experienced a fruitful surge in births as Mater Mothers' Private Mackay celebrated welcoming 60 newborn babies into the world during the month of May.

This marks the hospital's highest monthly birth rate since September 2014 when 61 babies were born.

Mater Mothers’ Private Mackay Midwifery Unit Manager Sarah Fordyce said the hospital had seen a steady increase in births over the past five years, from 410 in 2020 to 457 last year.

However, she said the reason for last month’s spike was unclear.

“It could be that people delayed having babies during the global pandemic and we’re
now seeing a correction of that,” Ms Fordyce said.

“Whatever the reason, we are loving the chance to be part of such a special moment in
the lives of so many Mackay families.”

Of the 60 babies born at Mater Mothers’ Private Mackay in the month of May, 26 were boys and 34 girls.

There were also two sets of twins.

Little Myles McNeil was the 60th Mater baby in May and was born to 26-year-old Kya McNeil.

Myles’s big sister, Elena, was also born at Mater Mothers’ Private Mackay in 2022 and Ms McNeil said she was excited that Myles was part of the local baby boom.

"When we chose Myles' name, my husband Benjamin said it sounded like he was destined to be a famous cricketer or to achieve something great,” she said.

“And indeed, the first thing Myles accomplished was being the 60th baby born at Mater!

"Coming into Mater for our second baby and having great midwives with energy, presence, and calmness made it a wonderful experience.”

Mater Mothers’ Private Mackay offers a range of services to support new parents, including prenatal classes, lactation consulting and postnatal care.

Kya and Benjamin McNeil with baby Myles at Mater Mothers’ Mackay. Image Supplied

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