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Mackay and Whitsunday Life

Mackay Teams Rallied Up For Epic Journey

The Shitbox Rally Spring Event for 2023 has screeched to a halt after a monumental trek for teams across the countryside between Port Douglas and Adelaide from 13th to 21st October.

With a chance to speak to two of Mackay’s attending teams, Leketek Mackay and Not Lost – Just Looking, we discover the trials and tribulations as well as the achievements and good times that were had on the journey.  

Chris Leeson and Ryan Haynes from team Leketek Mackay drove a Holden Commodore Omega 2009, raising $12,285.

Team Leketek Mackay were thrilled to have ‘an amazing experience with a mix of great people’, commenting on the beauty of the backdrop and well-organised logistics behind the event.

“We both have had people close be affected by cancer, so it was about trying to do our part, no matter how small it seemed to help.

“The fact that the money raised goes towards cancer research was the main factor, the chance to see some of the country that we wouldn’t normally see was an added bonus.

“The mateship of the people within our group was pretty cool, [we went] from not knowing anyone to pretty much being a big family by the end.” Team Leketek stated.

Leketek faced electrical issues throughout the Shitbox Rally, holding up their buddy group. However, they managed to work through the troubles and cruise onwards to see family and friends awaiting their arrival at the finish line.

Jo-Ann Clout and Warren Ponmoon of Not Lost – Just Looking, drove a Holden Commodore wagon and raised $14,012.

Jo-Ann is a well-seasoned Shitbox Rally goer, this being her fourth time attending the event. Her and Warren were lucky to have avoided any issues with their vehicle on the arduous journey.

Jo-Ann stated, “This was an incredible experience travelling through places I would never go, seeing the different landscapes. The ocean, rainforest, desert, mountains…all in the space of a week.

“But it’s the people you meet that really make this event special. Some become life-long friends while others are an inspiration in what they’ve overcome.”

Jo-Ann’s favourite moments were catching up with past rally buddies and blasting through a huge mud puddle and spraying water everywhere.

Jo-Ann’s teammate, Warren Ponmoon said his first Shitbox Rally experience was ‘like no other’, although having to get used to lining up for everything from food to showers to fuel, has a newfound love for the cause as well as new lifetime friendships.

Warren was inspired by Jo-Ann, stating, “My now best friend, I saw how inspired and excited she was doing this great cause, [so] I had to give it a bash!”

So far, the Spring 2023 event has raised a total of $2,361,876 for the Cancer Council, a tremendous effort from all involved.

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Leketek Mackay set up camp under a gorgeous sunset

Not Lost – Just Looking parked outside Mungerannie Hotel

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