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Mackay Will Rock Despite Funding Setback

Organisers of Mackay's premier country music festival, NQ’s Rock'n Country Festival, rallied the community's support to prevent the event's cancellation after facing a funding setback. Geoff Baguley, the festival director, expressed disappointment over the federal government's failure to fulfill their promise of increased investment in the arts, which left the event with a significant funding shortfall.

"The federal government made the decision not to support our event despite the overwhelming economic and social benefits it brings to the Mackay region," said Geoff Baguley. "We would not have gone ahead this year if we knew the government was all talk and no substance."

However, despite the challenges, the festival refused to back down and sought support from the local community.

"Some major decisions have had to be made for this year's festival as we have not received the funding as promised," Geoff Baguley acknowledged. "BUT we have received incredible support from ticket holders and local businesses, so we are happy to announce that we are able to PROCEED!"

Thanks to the overwhelming community support, NQ’s Rock'n Country Festival will go ahead, albeit in a condensed two-day format on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 August. Although not the originally planned three-day extravaganza, the festival promises to be a jam-packed weekend full of incredible music and a rock'n atmosphere that Mackay's music enthusiasts look forward to.

Highlighting the positive aspects of this year's festival, Geoff Baguley emphasized the importance of the event for various stakeholders. "This is not the outcome we had planned for 2023, but it is better than the alternative of having to cancel completely as so many people are relying on this festival, including our artists, local businesses, staff, incredible stall and food vendors, and all of our suppliers!"

NQ’s Rock'n Country headliner, Morgan Evans, is still set to kick off his Australian tour right in Mackay, further adding to the excitement and anticipation for the event.

While the festival faced challenges, the spirit of the Mackay community prevailed, making it clear that the love for country music and support for local talent runs deep. Geoff Baguley acknowledged the local community's dedication, stating, "We have received terrific business sponsorship support from the local community but Canberra-based politicians have failed us."

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