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Mackay Bowling Club News

Last weekend saw the running of Prestige Fours at Mackay Bowling Club played over two days of the Long Weekend. All teams played on Saturday with the four top teams playing off on Sunday to see who will be in final. All other teams were divided into Divisions 2 and 3.

The final saw Bruce Bridges team of Doug Wotton, Grant Edmonds, Les Rodgers take on Wayne Hanley team of Cooper Whitestyles, Clint Vassie, Jason McMillan with Wayne Hanley team coming out winners for the carnival.

Division 2 Winners: Ash Warland team of Harry Quade, Shane Spann, Gavin Miline.

Division 3 Winners: Col Crocker team of Mick Coll, Ben Crocker, Joe Crucker.

A great weekend of Bowls was witnessed, and many friends made.

Anzac weekend Day Bowls was started with Brian Cuttriss saying the ode and a minute silence. A full green with thirty-Six players competing.

Winners of Winners: Arthur Naylor, Fuddy, Kees Struik.

Winners of Losers: Denise Mezzen, Peter Taaffe.

Scrounger on Thursday: Carol Savage def Gary Vogler.

This weekend, club competition returns before Pennant resume on May 13.

Ladies 2 Bowl Triples Carnival Monday May 8.

Contributed by Mike Irving

Cooper Whitestyles , Clint Vassie, Wayne Hanley and Jason McMillan. Photo credit: Mike Irving

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