Thursday, April 20, 2023


Mackay and Whitsunday Life

Mackay Contract Bridge Results

The final of the Queensland Women’s Selection Trials was held in Brisbane on April 3. Four Mackay members travelled down for the competition that was held over two weekends. Well done to the ladies that were selected (pictured).

Mackay Contract Bridge Weekly Results

Monday 10 April 2023 - 5 Table One Winner, Green Pts

1st Janelle Conroy / Terrence Sheedy

2nd Eric Goodchild / David Ting

3rd Anne Lutz / Geoff Taylor

4th Frances Brown / Alan Brown

5th Ken Seaniger / Robert Carless

6th Marilin Robins / Margaret Jennings

Tuesday 11 April 2023 – 4 Table One Winner Green Pts

1st Frances Brown / Alan Brown

2nd Ken Seaniger / Robert Carless

3rd Terrence Sheedy / Noel Bugeia

4th Janine Rodgers / Richard Wix

5th Eric Goodchild / Debra Goodchild

Wednesday 12 April 2023 – 8 Table Mitchell Green Pts

1st Terrence Sheedy / Noel Bugeia

2nd Marie McGuire / Nancy Wix

3rd Joyce Deguara / Mary Cruickshank

4th Max Holewa / Diane Holewa

1st Monica Darley / Kath Poole

2nd Sandra Morris / Jan Harris

3rd David Ting / Ming Ting

4th Josie Cowley / Barbara Tait

Thursday 13 April 2023 – 3 Table One Winner

1st Janelle Conroy / Noel Bugeia

2nd Jan Harris / Sandy Patterson

3rd Janine Rodgers / Richard Wix

Friday 14 April 2023 – 9 Table Mitchell Green Pts


1st Max Holewa / Diane Holewa

2nd Monica Darley / Del Ryan

3rd Ming Ting / David / Ting

4th Joyce Deguara / Toni Large


1st Noel Bugeia / Terrence Sheedy

2nd Susan Wright / Clare Wallace

2nd Geoff Taylor / Joy Robinson

4th Nancy Martin / Kath Poole

Saturday 15 April 2023 – 10 Table Mitchell Green Pts


1st Geoff Taylor / Del Ryan

2nd Janet Hansen / Diane Morgan

3rd Joy Robinson / Ken Seaniger

4th Ian Gaskell / Carol Gaskell

5th Monica Darley/ Kath Poole


1st Janelle Conroy / Robert Carless

2nd Terrence Sheedy / Eric Leivesley

3rd Annie Lynch / Anne Lutz

3rd Frances Brown / Alan Brown

5th Susan Ross / Sandy Paterson

Contributed by Joy Block

Janet Hansen, Frances Brown, Diane Morgan & Maria Setiyawan

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