Thursday, February 22, 2024


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Maintain Your Generator With Bowen Small Motors

With two more months of cyclone season on the cards on the first half of 2024, now is the best time to get cyclone prepared, with Scott and Lisa Raisbeck of Bowen Small Motors ready and prepped to get you and your family best equipped.

Scott’s number one necessity during a cyclone is a capable and appropriate generator.

“And even outside of cyclone season, we have enough power blackouts, that having a generator handy is great in any emergency,” he explained.

“However, having a generator is great, but making sure to maintain is the best thing to keep it going.”

Scott’s top tips for maintaining your generator:

“Use good fuel. We use 95 Octane, but don’t use 98, because it’s too high in octane.

“When you’re not using the generator for months at a time, change the fuel regularly. Or, remove all the fuel and leave it until you need it again in the summer months.

“If you prefer to leave it full of fuel, in the case of an emergency, get a good stabilizer, which makes your fuel last longer.”

Scott typically sees an influx of generator repairs as a warning is called for a potential tropical cyclone, for issues that are simple to avoid.

“Keeping your generator well maintained, with either a stabilizer in the fuel or empty when not used makes sure that no blockages can interfere with the carburettor,” Scott explained.

“It is also a good thing to check your air filters frequently. This is a simple thing but can cause a pain of issues.”

Scott Raisbeck, looking after your generator this cyclone season. Photo credit: Bronte Hodge

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