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Massive Lineup For 2023 Legends On The Lawn

It is less than three weeks away from the exciting 2023 return of Mackay’s Legends on the Lawn.

With a massive lineup of Paul Kelly, Missy Higgins, Bernard Fanning, Mark Seymour, Vika and Linda, and Ian Moss and Troy Cassar-Daley, it is no surprise that locals are ecstatic.

Having been touring since January, Troy Cassar-Daley sat down with Mackay Life’s Bronte to talk about the upcoming festival.

What drew you to Legends on the Lawn?

I saw it first on Facebook actually. And wow, I thought. I think Jimmy Barnes played and I didn’t realise that the year following, I’d be asked to go.

I just happened to be a part of this huge tour and for this show to be in Mackay is incredible. I think people will see this lineup and know it’s something extra special. Paul Kelly is nothing but class, and then you’ve got Bernard Fanning, Queensland royalty, Missy Higgins who is song writing royalty. Mark Seymour is a great mate, and we’re both mad on old fashioned things like watches.

I mean, no matter what artist you’re into, the most important thing for me has been just seeing the cross collaborations between some of the artists.

It’s a really incredibly lineup and I’m very excited.

What can audiences expect from you?

I think people can expect some of the most incredible song writing that you’ll see in one night. You feel like you’re 18 and at the pub again, singing alone with all your friends to a local cover band, but you’re watching the actual real bloke that wrote it.

We play a couple of things that are from 50 Songs 50 Towns, and so to have Ian Moss and myself play on stage is the best. He’s playing on Born to Survive and stuff like that, and I’m playing on Tucker’s Daughter, you know. When you’re playing with someone that you really like, it doesn’t get any better.

I reckon that people will just sit back and just in their chairs and love every minute.

What’s your favourite thing about the area of Mackay?

I love the river. I’ve always drawn to it. Ever since I used to go to there in my 20s, I went through my first trip through the area with a lady named Gina Jefferies when I was very, very young. And the first thing I did was I had my handline in my bag. And I went down to the river, and in those days, no one talked about crocodiles. But I’ve always been drawn to the river.

And every time I go to Mackay, whether we played at the Bowls club, or we’ve done the Entertainment Centre, I always find myself sitting on the bank having a feed, just watching the river flow. It’s just an incredibly part of the world.

Any last things you wish to share?

I mean, look, these line-ups over the years have been rock and roll. The organisers of Legends on the Lawn have this uncanny ability to put these line-ups together that just work so well. We look forward to being able to invite people out.

And this lineup, its just a lot of iconic songs that are going to be falling into your lap and you get the chance to sit there and have a drink and enjoy it.

WHAT: Legends on the Lawn

WHEN: Saturday May 20, 1pm to 9.30pm

WHERE: Great Barrier Reef Arena


Troy Cassar-Daley is one massive headliner of 2023 Legends on the Lawn festival. Photo supplied

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