Thursday, March 21, 2024


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Mayoral Contest Goes Down To The Wire

As the anticipation of election day fades, and candidates catch a breath after months of passionate campaigning, Mackay remains on the edge of its seat as this editor’s note was written, awaiting the outcome of a closely contested mayoral race. With Greg Williamson and Steve Jackson neck and neck, the final result hinges on the delicate process of preferential counting.

While initial polling paints a suspenseful picture, uncertainty looms as we await the final tally. With Williamson obtaining a lead through the primary count at 42.24 percent and Jackson closely trailing at 38.58 percent, the outcome of Mackay's mayoral race hinges on the distribution of those preferences. Laurence Bonaventura's decision to concede, thus transferring his vote share through optional preferential votes, adds an intriguing twist to the unfolding count, potentially reshaping our region’s leadership vision. Bonaventura's concession will play a pivotal role in shaping the final result.

In the midst of this electoral anticipation, this week’s edition provides a refreshing break from the political buzz, featuring heartfelt celebrations at Mackay Hospital Foundation's Dancing With Heart – congratulations to Gardian’s Zach on taking out the win! Also, we share snaps from Sarina State High School's Mocktail event as well as the achievements of this year's Mackay Sugar annual award winners.

Easter is now only a week away. In this edition you will also find some helpful information on where to attend an Easter church service, to remember and reflect on the ‘reason for the season’.

As we eagerly await the formation of our new council, and families are getting ready for Easter holiday escapades, there’s a lot of excitement to unfold in the coming weeks.


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