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Meet Queensland Emerging Philanthropist Katelyn Aslett

Local businesswoman, Katelyn Aslett, was awarded Queensland Emerging Philanthropist of the Year at the Queensland Philanthropy Awards which were held in Brisbane last Friday night.

The founder of a charity organisation called My Giving Plate, Ms Aslett uses her skills in event management to facilitate dinner parties, both large and small, with all proceeds going towards worthwhile charities.

Over the past year, My Giving Plate has raised almost $180,000 and since its inception four years ago it has raised over $600,000.

The idea for the charity began when Ms Aslett felt a calling to help those effected by the floods in Townsville, a place she had previously resided and where she still had friends.

With a desperate desire to help raise money to help her friends, Ms Aslett held a dinner party where she accepted donations.

Its subsequent success inspired her to spread the concept far and wide by creating a platform that funnelled the money raised through a more streamlined system.

This is when she created the My Giving Plate platform which has now hosted more than 50 dinner parties.

The process is simple and can be adapted to dinner parties of any size, from a gathering of 10 friends to a large-scale event for hundreds of people.

The idea is that, by skipping the cost of venue hire and hospitality staff and holding an event in your own home or backyard, you can absorb the food costs as well and so much more money can be raised and then given to the charity of your choice.

Ms Aslett guides each person through the process and can help with any questions along the way.

An entrepreneur at heart, Ms Aslett had her own art and design label for over 20 years.

“If your business is going well, you’ve got the ability to give back,” she explained.

“It’s amazing to be amongst so many incredible people doing so much good, and I couldn’t do half of it if I didn’t have such an amazing team.”

“It was an honour to accept this award and I love that it has lifted the profile of what we’re doing so that more people will now want to get involved – we can make a lot more happen and I would love to raise half a million dollars a year, which I think is possible!”

Katelyn Aslettt with her mother and husband at the Queensland Philanthropy Awards in Brisbane last Friday night. Photo supplied

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