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Meet Ryan Wilkinson Venue Manager At Jubilee Tavern

Ryan Wilkinson is back in the Venue Manager role at Jubilee Tavern and has been for two months, and he brings a lot of experience.

Originally a personal trainer, hospitality was a side job for Ryan, but with promotions coming his way Ryan decided to stick to hospitality which he found he was enjoying more.

“I love the people that you meet and work alongside, and also the freedom, the hours are a little bit flexible,” said Ryan.

As venue manager, Ryan’s role is primarily people management, recruiting, POS systems, point of sale and stock.

Ryan is not new to the area and has worked at the Jubilee Tavern before, so he knows it inside and out.

He worked at the venue in 2021 before moving to Brisbane and the Gold Coast but has returned because of the job.

The atmosphere at Jubilee Tavern also drew Ryan back.

“It's a venue that offers so much diversity, it's got your old school locals pub, and a completely transient hospitality restaurant where you'll get all different people from all over the country and all over the world coming in,” said Ryan.

“There's always something happening, the variety of people that will be in this venue at one stage can be quite fast, from your local guy in the public bar to some international family.

“It's quite exciting, it’s sort of like a walk between two different worlds.”

Ryan Wilkinson, Photo credit: Daniel Heggie

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