Thursday, August 24, 2023


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Meet The Superior Re-Surfacing Specialists

Maintaining your home in the harsh Whitsunday climate can be a challenge. Do you have cracks in your concrete? Has your paintwork faded? Is mould a problem? Could your home do with a touch-up?

If so, it’s time to enlist the skills of Jonathan and Kathryn Pourau, who operate Superior House Painting Specialists and Superior Concrete Resurfacing.

Jonathan has over 25 years of experience in the industry, 13 years living in the Whitsundays.

He has completed Advanced Training with Dulux, Master Painters and Master Builders, waterproofing and rendering completes his skill set.

Kathryn is the Business Administration Manager and has 20 years of experience working in health and safety for construction.

Using only the best quality Dulux Acrylic Render, they can ensure cracks are given a long-lasting water-proof seal and weather-enduring finish.

The most important part of any job, however, is following the three fundamental steps of preparation, application and finish.

“Our systems are designed to deliver a great result and finish that will last for years,” said Jonathan.

“Preparation is crucial. Shortcuts are a waste of time and money and will lead to failures such as cracking, fading or discolouration, peeling and flaking or mould. Initial steps include carrying out repair work such as cut and fill as applicable.

“Acid etching and pressure cleaning creates greater adhesion for external surfaces. Further surface preparation includes priming, undercoating and sealing.

“Engage a licensed and qualified tradesperson. Get value for your money. Dulux, Master Painters or Master Builders will recommend a competent and trained applicator to you, free of charge.”

Jonathan and Kathryn Pourau, operate Superior House Painting Specialists and Superior Concrete Resurfacing. Photo credit: Rachael Smith

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