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Melbourne – Mackay Connection Wraps Up Historic Route Map Launch

As Bonza Airlines took to the skies last Tuesday, it crowned a remarkable chapter in Australian aviation.

The airline's maiden journey from Melbourne to Mackay signalled the culmination of an extraordinary achievement, with the completion of the largest route map launch in Australian aviation history.

The new twice-weekly route between Melbourne and Mackay, offering fares starting from $89, opens up exciting opportunities for travellers and local industries.

Mackay Airport CEO Richard Barker expressed his enthusiasm, highlighting the value of this direct connection.

“Connecting Melbourne and Mackay with direct flights will open up a raft of opportunities for passengers and local industries. This will be the only direct service flying interstate from Mackay,” he said.

“It has traditionally been a lengthy process to travel between these locations, and many people simply would have chosen not to do so. Mackay and Melbourne both offer attractive experiences for visitors, and I expect we will see many travellers taking advantage of these non-stop services.

“We now have all of Bonza’s routes flying from Mackay, including Cairns, the Sunshine Coast and now Melbourne, and these services are contributing 2,500 additional seats to the Mackay market each week.”

Carly Povey, Chief Commercial Officer at Bonza, said “Tuesday’s historic flight to Mackay from our second base in Melbourne marks the finish line for our initial rollout and the start line for Bonza earning the right to grow.

“Our focus now is firmly on improving our operations, earning the respect of customers and then, we will continue to add new routes and a third base to continue our mission of connecting communities across Australia.”

It’s good news for Mackay’s tourism industry. Forward bookings for Bonza flights, including the upcoming school holidays and public holiday weekend, are already strong. Victorians are drawn to the warmth of Queensland, fuelling demand for these direct flights. Povey commented, "Forward bookings are looking strong as Victorians appear eager to escape the winter chill for the warmth of Queensland."

Travelers are encouraged to download the Fly Bonza app, the exclusive platform for direct reservations. As Bonza continues to make waves in the aviation industry, their commitment to connecting communities across Australia remains at the forefront of their mission.

L-R: Mayor Greg Williamson, Bonza Chief Commercial Officer Carly Povey and Mackay Isaac Tourism CEO Al Grundy celebrated Bonza’s inaugural flight from Melbourne to Mackay on Tuesday evening. Image: Mackay Isaac Tourism

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