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Million Paws For A Good Cause

With the Million Paws Walk coming up, RSPCA Mackay Shelter Manager Jacqueline Smith is calling on the community to get involved after a three-year hiatus.

On Sunday, May 28, locals and their furry friends will walk and play, with every step and dollar helping to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome dogs in need just like Ms Smith’s recent adoptee Millie.

Two-year-old ridgeback Millie came into RSPCA Mackay’s care in 2022 with severe injuries to her front and back left legs after running through a barbed wire fence.

Instead of seeking professional treatment, her previous owners plastered her legs themselves.

“We would recommend seeing a vet ASAP. It’s left her with a limp, but as she’s come along, she’s improved a lot more than they thought she would’ve,” Ms Smith said.

Ms Smith fostered Millie for a couple of nights and “ended up falling love”, ultimately adopting her.

“They thought she’d have to go through all these surgeries, and I made the decision not to and she’s just healed with a lot of love and a lot of care,” she said.

“As she gets older, she will get onset arthritis earlier than most dogs, but right now she’s running like a racehorse with my other dog, so I have no worries.”

With 6,359 dogs turning to RSPCA Queensland last year for a second chance, RSPCA Queensland’s Chief Veterinarian Dr Anne Chester said Million Paws Walk is a wonderful opportunity for locals to support the 47,000 animals who require assistance and intervention from RSPCA annually.

“All funds raised go directly to the RSPCA, which includes helping us rehome over 10,0000 animals in Queensland each year,” Dr Chester said.

“Some of the 6,000 plus dogs that came into our care last year experienced awful mistreatment, abandonment or were bred to turn a profit, so each step you take at Million Paws Walk helps us in our fight to save lives.”

RSPCA Mackay has raised the most funds for 2023 so far out of all shelters in Queensland and Ms Smith sees firsthand where the funds help.

“If any animal comes into our care, at least we know the community’s helping for medicals, food or even a blanket to sleep on,” she said.

For a great dog-friendly day out, while helping to raise vital funds for animals in need, joins RSPCA Mackay at Queens Park on Sunday, May 28.

Registration opens at 8:00am and the walk will kick off at 9:00am, with food vans, market stalls, competitions, games, family entertainment and raffles, all in support of a great cause.

WHAT: Million Paws Walk

WHEN: Sunday, May 28 from 8:00am to 12:00pm

WHERE: Queens Park


Millie the ridgeback was adopted by RSPCA Mackay Shelter Manager Jacqueline Smith with the support of RSPCA. Photo supplied

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