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Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One

Reprising one of his most iconic roles Tom Cruise is back as Ethan Hunt, in another unforgettable blockbuster, set to thrill, excite, and shock audiences.

In the seventh instalment of the Mission Impossible universe, audiences had high expectations, riding the high garnered from the nine-minute feature that was published months ago.

Ethan Hunt and his team face against a threat, perhaps one of the most dangerous they’ve ever faced.

The team must track down a powerful weapon, a weapon which, if it falls into the wrong hands, can destroy all of humanity.

It doesn’t stop there, with shadows from Ethan’s past also threatening the team and their efforts.

The mysterious and powerful new enemy alludes the team, and Ethan must face a terrifying thought, that nothing matters more than the fate of his mission.

Drawing on real world concerns, the importance that AI plays in the story line has been carefully hidden away from the trailers, adding even more intrigue to the film.

Sure to feature the very best of classic Mission Impossible stunts, the new film showcases new characters that are looking likely to breathe some fresh air into the franchise.

Tom Cruise is joined by Hayley Atwell, portraying the allusive Grace.

With fantastically rendered CGI and impressive cinematography, this film leaves audiences excited and eager for the follow up instalment, Dead Reckoning Part Two, where the stakes are even greater and are sure to leave everyone gasping at the thrills and spills.

This dual-film reprise of the franchise is a fantastic way to get fans back into the cinema, eager for the film, while allowing enough time to completely film and set the story line with appropriate pacing and staging for the audience to become completely engrossed in the action.

Tom Cruise is back for the seventh instalment of the Mission Impossible franchise

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