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Creed III

Michael B. Jordan splits his time in Creed III in front of the camera as the eponymous Adonis Creed and working behind it for his directorial debut.

He takes the reins of what has become a dependable franchise, one which, startlingly, is now seven years old. At the helm, he continues the good work of the franchise which is steadily building a life away from Rocky, although not too far away – it still adheres to Rocky’s tried-and-true formula.

The oft-plundered, time-tested themes of Rocky have always packed a solid thump, and that’s no different here. There may be no sucker-punch surprise in where Creed II ends up, but it is nonetheless a pleasing film. Instead of opting for another generational bout against a Drago or a whatsit, we instead have an explosive confrontation of ex-friends: Adonis Creed and Damian Anderson (Jonathon Majors).

These once-scrappy kids who sought boxing stardom were like brothers in 2001, before Anderson found himself in prison and Creed went on to become the heavyweight champ of the world. Creed is living the dream, Damian living an 18-year stint in prison.

When they rendezvous in Creed III, former friends turn sour. Damian– a now hard-as-nails, big-hitter – is seeking a matchup in the boxing ring, and although Creed is less-than-happy to oblige, he begrudgingly comes out of retirement for “one last fight,” as is the cliché.

Despite the often-mechanical script, the film hits its mark thanks to the thrilling, visceral fight sequences and performances, especially of Jonathon Majors. Majors emanates a charismatic brilliance in his role, and despite it being the first of eight follow-ups without Rocky Balboa, Creed feels no less Rocky for it. This franchise is proving to be Rocky reborn, battling equally complex circumstances and equally tough demons of the past and present.

Creed III is showing from now at the Bowen Summergarden Cinema

Review by Declan Durrant

Creed III is showing now at the Bowen Summergarden Cinema

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