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Mystifying Audiences For Over 10 Years

Spanning over 10 years, Cosentino’s career is mind-blowing and extraordinary, always mystifying crowds, shocking and surprising audiences all over the world.

And now, Cosentino is taking it regional, performing his Decennium: The Greatest Hits Tour, honouring the 10-year milestone.

The master magician and escape artist caught up with Mackay and Whitsunday Life journalist Bronte Hodge ahead of his show in Mackay this May.

How does it make you feel to reach 10 years in the industry?

You know, I’ve been doing this a long, long time and looking back, I think of the TV specials and the international TV shows. All the tours and all the people I've met, and all different countries have been pretty you know, amazing. To be able to turn a little passion into entertainment is a niche, and to turn that into a viable career is amazing. So, yeah, I'm kind of, very proud of what we've managed to accomplish.

We’ve really broken the mould. And now I’ve got a new TV show coming out next month, so we just keep going. We keep reinventing and we keep refreshing and we keep breaking the rules.

What is a defining moment in your career?

Wow, there’s a couple of really interesting moment. The first one I remember I was watching David Copperfield, when I was a teenager after Regent Theatre in Melbourne, it's pretty special. And then probably two years later, I auditioned for Australia’s Got Talent at the Regent Theatre, and I was so nervous. And then, a year later, I filmed my own TV special at the Regent Theatre, and that was really a completion of a circle.

What can audiences expect in the Decennium show?

It’s the best of my best. I’m taking a part my five TV specials, the international TV show, the international tours, and experiences from around the globe and jampacking them into one 90-minute show. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and it’s great. It’s not new material, it’s the best material. So, if people have seen the show before, their getting the best parts. I’m drawing on five hours of TV specials, nine hours of international TV shows and 10 years of material since Australia’s Got Talent. There’s no way anyone has seen all my material.

Can you share a shocking act that’s in the show?

Yeah, I can. One would be where my head is in a Perspex box with 18 kitchen knives. I have to wriggle and get out with a timer. And this one went wrong on a rehearsal on my TV special. I had to get 12 stitches in my chin and caught it all on camera.

And it's, you know, seeing it on TV is one thing, but seeing it live is another because someone comes on stage, they examine the apparatus and the knives, and they become invested.

WHAT: Cosentino – Decennium – The Greatest Hits Tour

WHEN: Thursday, May 5

WHERE: The Mackay Entertainment and Convention Centre


Master magician and escape artist, Cosentino, returns to Mackay with 10th year anniversary performance. Photo supplied

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