Thursday, August 24, 2023


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New Group Aiming To Keep Community Informed

A new community group has been formed by a group of concerned residents from the Dawson and Capricornia electorates.

The Dawson.Capricornia Community Watch Group was formed about a month ago over concerns for policies passed down by the United Nations (UN), World Health Organisation (WHO) and World Economic Forum (WEF).

Member Pamela Holloway said the Dawson.Capricornia Community Watch Group is concerned about Mackay Regional Council’s membership with the ICLEI, formally the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, an organisation that supports local governments to accelerate climate action and sustainable urban development.

The most significant issue, said Ms Holloway, is the proposed introduction of '15-minute cities'.  

“More like Surveillance Cities, because that's what they are,” she said.  

“They come right out of the WEF's 2030 Agenda handbook, as a mechanism to restrict and control us forever in the name of 'climate change and saving the planet’.”

Ms Holloway said the community watch group aims to ask the pertinent questions of Mackay Regional Council, as to why they are adopting '15-minute cities' into their planning strategies.

“We recognise that some parts of the 'Smart City' concept have benefits when the technology is used for the right civic reasons,” she said.

“But the overall picture is so all-encompassing and extreme that the outcome will be total control of you and your family and friends by the unelected elites of the WEF.”

“Our aim with the community meetings, is to talk about the Smart Cities initiative, so that the residents can make an informed decision for their future.”

The Dawson.Capricornia Community Watch Group is excited to welcome South Australia's Tim Dwyer as their live guest speaker via Zoom, with Q & A afterwards, for their first community meeting on May 26 at Mackay Sporting Wheelies.

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