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Up-and-coming musician Tiffany Grace has returned from renowned Tamworth Country Music Festival Country Music Academy, extending and progressing her own skills as a solo musician, songwriting and performing.

Having launched onto the stage in recent years, Tiffany has seen great success, from winning the Young Whitsunday’s Got Talent in 2022, to performing alongside other musicians at the 2023 Whitsunday Songwriter’s Festival and being a headliner for the Airlie Beach Festival of Music.

Tiffany’s acceptance at the Country Music Academy held in Tamworth in January is a testament to her hard work and dedication to her craft.

“It was absolutely amazing,” Tiffany explained.

Staying in Tamworth for the 14-day Academy, Tiffany lived every aspect of country music life, completing workshops, practicing her playing, and collaborating on her songwriting.

“We even had a songwriting workshop with Casey Chambers,” Tiffany explained.

“We were having so much fun that the time just flew by.”

“I found it so great to spend time with other musicians, where we could all relate to each other and help each other,” she explained.

“Our passions are all so similar, so now we are all connected, and we can always ring one another up and get a hand.”

Tiffany believes that attending the Academy in 2024 was perfectly timed with her skill and technical development, with her coming home with newfound confidence and energy that is translating to exciting new music and projects.

Having recently released her fifth single, entitled ‘Never Really Mine’, Tiffany continues to reflect on youth, of unrequited love, and her music is reminiscent of a longing love.

“I always have big plans for 2024 and looking forward to releasing new music and sharing my music.

“The Academy has allowed me to expand my skill set, and my music is going off in a bit of a different direction, a few mixed styles.”

Listen to Tiffany’s newest track ‘Never Really Mine’ and her other music at

1. Tiffany Grace on stage with other Academy participants

2 and 3. Tiffany Grace’s solo career setting new sites in 2024. Photos supplied

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