Thursday, August 24, 2023


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New Release For Local Author

Whitsunday local and author of eight novels, Richard Evans, has released his most recent novel, just in time for Men’s Health Week, June 12 to 18.

Richards’ novel, titled Selfish Ambitions, follows Ryan Kennedy, the deputy prime minister of Australia, as he juggles his powerful position and differing demands in his professional and personal life.

Readers follow his journey as he tries to meet the expectations of the incredibly influential women in his life, including his wife, his lover, his daughter, and even the prime minister.

Selfish Ambition speaks about a powerful man’s regret and how one day can change the entire outcome of your life.

“A lot of blokes tend to wonder about their past, wondering if they made the right decision,” Richard explained.

The novel is inspired by Richard’s own political journey, being a former federal member of parliament in the 1990s, and understanding the nature of the role and its impact on mental health.

Richard sets out to illuminate the emotional side of politics and being a man in political power, while exploring themes of regret, trueness, passion, and relevance.

“This novel gives the view of how difficult it is to be a member of parliament,” said Richard.

“It exposes the challenges of being under constant pressure, always under stress.”

This second chance romance is touching and relatable for readers, no matter their profession, creating a long-lasting impression of the key values of men’s mental health and professionalism.

Richard Evans, Whitsunday author, releases eighth novel, speaking on men’s mental health. Photo supplied

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