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No Crisis Accommodation In Bowen

Stories of a family with a newborn baby living in a tent in Bowen have compelled Member for Burdekin Dale Last to call for urgent assistance to the current housing crisis that is sweeping the nation.

Mr Last is asking for the issue to be addressed immediately, demanding a response to a recent Question on Notice from the Housing Minister which, he believes, proved the people of Bowen had been left with broken promises in their hour of need.

“We have waited for this response from the Minister in the hope of having a clear indication of what help is actually out there for people seeking crisis accommodation in Bowen,” he said.

“Unfortunately, the response from the Minister confirmed our fears that there is no crisis accommodation available in Bowen.”

“This is the same town in my electorate that I spoke about in Parliament where, sadly, a local family with a newborn baby were living in a tent.

“You would think their tragic story alone would trigger the Minister to pull whatever strings are needed to fund crisis accommodation in the Bowen area.”

Mr Last stated that the housing crisis is having knock-on effects, contributing to staff shortages with workers unable to find accommodation locally.

“We are already seeing detrimental impacts of this housing crisis in other areas of our electorate with potential new teachers turning down jobs in Bowen due to a lack of housing,” he states.

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