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‘No One To Depend On’ Except Dino Jag And The Mighty One

Performing Santana And The Doobie Brothers

Sitting Down with Dino Jag:

So, what makes this tribute performance so special?

It just seemed like a really good fit to take the opportunity to present both bands in one show.

These songs were written at a time when music was approached differently, nowadays there is so much pressure on the three-minute song.

The way that these songs were written, it was more about the foreplay and listening to the music was more of an experience.

We’re celebrating the big things with our show, a moment in musical history that is an absolute joy.

You’re an artist in your own right, how does it feel to perform the discography from legends of the 80s?

I've released a lot of tracks and been a part of a lot of recording projects.

I really respect and admire great songs, and for me, it's a joy to be able to do something like this.

It's a completely different dynamic, than touring with my own music, and it's great in many ways; it's a lot easier when you can celebrate someone else's legacy.  

They’ve done all the hard work and they have these amazing songs.

Everybody sings along because they know all the words.

It's a great buzz for us to hit the stage together and deliver this kind of stuff to an eager crowd.

What’s your favourite song from Santana and The Doobie Brothers?

There are different things I love about each artist at different times, it’s a bit like going to a restaurant and having a 10-course meal!

The thing is with Santana, they have those Latino rhythms that kind of melt into pop.

I mean, Santana reinvented himself, when he started doing collaborations with other artists.

He was kind of pretty unique and how he went from becoming the Woodstock kind of era guy, to all of a sudden, 20 years ago, he ended up having the biggest hit.

So, it’s hard to name just one song that I love, that’s why this project is so special.

‘This Game of Love’ Is On, With Santana And The Doobie Brothers Powerful Tribute

Dino Jag and The Mighty Big are appearing on the Airlie Beach Hotel stage for two massive shows next weekend, with two hours of powerful and electric hits from Santana and The Doobie Brothers.

Dedicated and full of ‘Evil Ways’, this is an eclectic performance not to miss.

WHAT: A Tribute to the Music of Santana and The Doobie Brothers

WHERE: The Pub, Airlie Beach Hotel

WHEN: Saturday August 19 and Sunday August 20, from 2pm to 5.30pm

Dino Jag brings powerful vocals and enigmatic stage presence to the Airlie Beach Hotel

Jesse Catalano is talented at many things, but he is a master at keyboards

On the bass is Michael Gramazio, known infamously as the Bass Boss of Adelaide, with his shredding notes and massive beats

Known around the world, Jordan Lennon is a dynamo on the drum set, setting the confident beats for the show

Pete Lymbo is electric on guitar, known for his phenomenal skills. Photos supplied

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