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Norris Duo Triumphs In NRAA Kings

The National Rifle Association Australia (NRAA) Kings event is over for another year, seeing two members of Mackay District Target Rifle Association (MDTRA) dominate the three-day competition.

Father and daughter duo, Terry and Kylah Norris brought home the wins, with Terry in 1st place and 17-year-old Kylah in 2nd place in the Grand Aggregate and Sport/Hunter Production Class Open categories for the Kings competition.

The Kings competition held twenty-four matches over three days. The power duo put the Norris name in lights, scoring the top rankings by the end stage of the competition.

Day one of the Kings campaign started off slow and steady, dropping a few points compared to their rivals in the competition. Terry acknowledged the stern words of advice they had received that night from other shooters, being told not to give up and to aim for the combined aggregate of the two competitions.

He concerned himself with how he and Kylah could turn things around, going into day two taking both 900m range wins, both scoring a clean 50.9.

They took on the 1000y with tricky conditions. Kylah shot a 48.5 and a 50.4, while Terry shot a 49.4 and a 49.6. At the end of this day, Terry had the day two aggregate win, with Kylah following closely behind in second.

At this stage, Terry was tied in first place overall with Wu Lau, who held the lead for most of the competition, with Kylah in third.

Day three of the Kings competition saw the duo clearing both 1000y matches with clean shots.

Terry commented, “On the last day, both Kylah and I didn’t drop a single shot whereas everybody else dropped one or more”.

“It’s such a hard, long distance to shoot over, lots of wind and different variables there and we kept it all together.

“I loved watching her shoot her last round, I jumped down and gave her a big hug. I knew she’d come second at that point.”

Kylah took both wins for the 1000y events and the day three daily aggregate win. The finishing overall total for Kylah was an impressive 545.71, leaving winner Terry on 546.55.

The duo were both ecstatic with their performances at the Kings event, with Kylah positively baffled that her and Dad had both secured the top spots in a national competition.

Terry and Kylah Norris at the NRAA Kings event

Kylah staying focused on her target

Terry lining up his next shot

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