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Odd Couples – A Season of One Act Comedies presented by Kucom Theatre Review

“Odd Couples – A Season of One Act Comedies”

Presented By Kucom Theatre

Review by Vicky Bobeldyk

Last week, Vicky reviewed The Extraordinary Revelations of Orca the Goldfish by David Tristram. This week, we explore the remaining two plays in Kucom’s three-play comedy act, Odd Couples.

Call Centre Call by Bruce Olive

Directed by James Hunter

Frustration we can all relate to is the focus of the second play on the bill, in which Henry McThistle played by Michael Brennan experiences several automated voices when on phone calls. Set in the time of flip-phones and terrible dial-up, Henry just needs to ‘talk to a real human’ about his intermittent broadband. What he receives is a never-ending stream of selections he must make on his phone.

Brennan’s third play with Kucom sees him much more at ease on the stage, his delivery is more natural as he connects, as we all can, with Henry’s mounting frustration. Two newcomers play the Voices – Jaki Pianta and Rebecca Williams. Pianta has some complex repetition which can become monotonous, but she delivers them with superb comic timing. Williams’ role is a little more complex as her role has two different versions in another case of fantasy versus reality. Which version will Henry choose?

What’s For Pudding? By David Tristram

Directed by Bronwyn Grannall

When the question is asked ‘What’s for pudding?’ frustrated Mary played by Pia Larsen explodes on her dull, accountant husband, Jack (James Hunter) of how bored she is, how boring their lives are and that it in no way involves dessert of any kind, let alone pudding. They are interrupted by the unexpected arrival of couple Maureen (Tessa King) and her husband Ted (John Irvine) and later, the hopeless Dennis (Andrew Deguara) who just wants to order some pants from Mary’s catalogue.

Plying themselves with far too much whiskey, the cold reality of the state of both couples’ relationships and the reason behind Mary’s mood are revealed.

Larsen as ever, delivers a humorous, well-rounded, natural and relatable character as she holds the narrative together. Hunter relaxes along with his character to produce some beautiful and funny moments. Irvine and King, utilise their combined vast experience to create endearing characters but it is Deguara who once again steals the show with his superb comic timing. In a similar role to that he played in ‘The Vicar of Dibley’, Deguara maintains his focus then whips out his punchlines with joyous, thigh-slapping precision.

In all, wonderful, light-hearted evening (or matinee if that suits you better) of fun and laughter thanks to the folks at Kucom Theatre.

Remaining sessions at Kucom Theatre:

Thurs - Sat 8-10 Feb at 7:30pm

Duration: 2 hours plus 2 x 20 min intervals

Contains adult content


James Hunter and Jack and Pia Larsen as Mary in ‘What’s for Pudding?’

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