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Townsville Man Charged With Attempted Robbery Offences

A 29-year-old Deeragun (Townsville) man has been charged with attempted robbery offences following three incidents last week at a business carpark on Mangrove Road, Mackay.

Senior Constable Steve Smith reported that it was alleged at 9.24am the man approached a woman in a parked car and attempted to physically remove her from the car. After having no success he has left the area on a bike.

“After this incident, it’s further alleged the man moved to another business on Mangrove Road and approached another vehicle parked in the car park. He opened the driver’s side door and attempted to pull a woman from the driver’s seat demanding she “get out”. After having no success removing her, he has again left the area,” Senior Constable Smith said.

“A short time later it is further alleged the man approached a third parked vehicle at the corner of Victoria Street and Gregory Street. A woman was standing beside the car and it is alleged the man had pulled her backwards onto the road before hopping into the driver’s seat.

“The woman and a nearby man who came to her assistance, have both physically removed the 29-year-old from the car.”

It’s alleged that he left the area on a bike and was later found by police and arrested at a licensed venue in the Mackay city area.

Police said that the three women are not known to the man and were not physically injured in the incidents.

The 29-year-old Deeragun man has been charged with three counts of attempted robbery and entering a premises with intent to commit an indictable offence.


Between 10pm on January 31 and 6:30am on February 1, a car was stolen from the driveway of a home in Coralie Court, Mirani.

The stolen car was a bronze-coloured Mazda BT-50 utility.

The keys for the car were taken from a key rack situated near the front door of the home and used to steal the car.

The stolen Mazda was found abandoned on farming headland along the Farleigh Dumbleton Road in Dumbleton at about 8:30 am later that morning on February 1.

The exterior of the car had not been damaged however the interior seats had been cut multiple times with a sharp implement.

The Mazda has been forensically examined.

Anyone who might have information about this matter is encouraged to contact police as soon as possible. Police report number QP2400178502.

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