Thursday, August 24, 2023


Mackay and Whitsunday Life

On The Greens At Goosies

Images: End of year Saturday bowls at NMBC (Goosies)

Winners of Saturday bowls – Alan Dillon and Peter Cowling

Great Barrier Reef Arena (GBRA) won the finals of the 2022 Warehouse bowls at Goosies. Trophy presented by the organiser Don Agnew


Monday – mixed pairs draw Pam Louis and Gloria Sam. Runners up Bev Svenson and P. Shephard. Lucky draw Eric Skellern and Lawrence Borg.

No Wednesday bowls until 2023.

Thursday – Winners Margaret Fogg and Peter Rintoul. Runners up Sylvia Maikler and Ronny Maikler. Kitty toucher was not won.

Friday – Overall winners Michelle Stockton and Chris Banney. Winners lucky draw Tony Allsop and Val De Pinto. Runners up lucky draw Bevan Cooper and John Priest. Kitty toucher Alan Dillon and Peter Cowling.

Saturday - Winners Alan Dillon and Peter Cowling.

Runners up John Helenius and Asko Helenius. Jackpot Vic Gaudion and Peter Deleney.

Club organised bowls have finished until January 2023. Have a great Christmas and a safe, healthy New Year in 2023.

Contributed by Ian Rowan

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