Thursday, August 24, 2023


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On Track To Sell 20,000 Mango Sorbets

It is expected that a record-breaking amount of mango sorbet will be sold at the Bowen Information Centre before the end of the 2023 financial year.

In the 2021-22 financial year, the Big Mango sold 18.5 thousand mango sorbets to visitors, and it is estimated to sell 20 thousand before June 30.

“The delicious mango sorbets are a major attraction to the visitor information centre and are very famous across Australia,” said Leanne Abernethy of Bowen Tourism and Business.

The famous mango sorbet is made from 100 per cent locally grown mangos, which are puréed and frozen, by local Patrick Martin.

Patrick has been making these sorbets for 24 years, and sources all his mangos from local Bowen farms.

The Information Centre is currently averaging 50 mango sales daily, but with the increase of tourists over the holidays, they have been exceeding 100 a day.

40 thousand visitors a year are greeted by the team, made up of staff and volunteers, and an increase in tourist numbers has been noticed.

“We expect the number of sorbet sales to increase further between now and the end of the financial year, with May and June being busy with tourists for Bowen,” said Leanne.

The famous mango sorbets are made with Kensington Pride Mango, a thriving local fruit in Bowen.

Kensington Mangos are large, bright orange in colour, often with a red blush, and have a deep orange flesh that is free from fibrous strands.

The Big Mango is turning 21 in May, with a celebration plan underway for locals and visitors to enjoy the momentous occasion.

The Big Mango turns 21 and breaks records. Photo supplied

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