Thursday, May 11, 2023


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One Girl’s Bravery Makes Massive Change For Local Ladies

Almost two weeks ago now, Abbey Coquillon posted onto the Whitsunday Chat Facebook page, sharing how she has been in the area for nearly a year and a half and has yet to make a solid foundation of friendships and relationships outside of work.

Once posting this, she was inundated with comments from like-minded women who are eager to make friendships with locals and travellers in the area.

This encouraged Abbey to establish the Social Ladies Whitsundays Facebook group.

“So many of us are wanting to venture out and make new and long-lasting friendships,” Abbey’s introductory post says.

“This can be a page we can just ask if anyone is free and wants to catch up! A great way to find similar interest and like-minded individuals.”

Since the group’s inception on May 3, it has seen a growth of over 600 people joining.

Many members are singing the praises of Abbey’s bravery.

“Thank you, Abbey, for creating this page – love that you were brave enough to do so,” says one member in her introduction post.

“This is a fantastic idea. I have been in Airlie a long time, two adult children and partner but my circle is small,” says another.

Most of the posts in the group are invitations to other members for hikes, coffee afternoon, or drinks at a local pub or club.

There are also members connecting to go to the gym together, an open Pilates workshop, and an event set up to attend the Mayor’s Ball in July.

The group is visible on Facebook, so just search ‘Social Ladies Whitsundays’ to join.

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