Thursday, January 19, 2023


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Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre

The highly anticipated next instalment from Guy Richie also brings us the long-awaited union of this famed London Director with everyone’s favourite Cockney – Jason Stratham.

The talented duo team-up to deliver a suave, stylish old-school action thriller that knows exactly what it is and offers everything its audience wants.

A team led by private contractor Nathan Jasmine is hired by the British government to retrieve a valuable device known as "The Handle" before it falls into the hands of billionaire arms dealer Greg Simmonds.

They infiltrate a gala dinner hosted by Simmonds in Cannes and learn that the device is a highly advanced artificial intelligence.

Tracking Simmonds to his Turkish villa in Antalya, where the exchange for the Handle is set to take place, their plan is disrupted by the intervention of another private contractor, known only as Mike, and a shoot-out ensues.

This movie has it all; glamourous settings, espionage, deceit, quick whit and  fast-paced fun – if you love Guy Richie movies, you will love this!

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