Thursday, March 14, 2024


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Pay It Forward

A local lady’s heart was filled last week by a random act of kindness that came just at the right time and lifted her sprits when she needed it most.

Earlier that week she had received a call from family who reside in Western Australia informing her that a serious car accident could have claimed the life of a family member.

Thankfully, the family member was helped by some wonderful people, but the whole family were left shattered for a few days at the possibility they could have lost him.

Whilst at Bunnings later that week, getting batteries for a smoke detector, the lady’s card was declined.

Fortunately, the wonderful gentleman behind her offered to pay for the purchase, which was gratefully accepted.

Numbers were exchanged and the local lady assured the kind gentleman that she would pay him back.

“I got his details so I could repay him, which he declined, so I have passed it on in the form of a donation to one of my favourite charities,” she shared.

“At a point in my life where I was feeling fragile, his kindness shone a light on how we can look after each other and how a simple kind act can mean so much.”

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