Thursday, February 15, 2024


Mackay and Whitsunday Life

Peter Hood Airlie and now Proserpine

45 years as Principal Accountant in public practice. 45 years registered Tax Agent. 45 years registered Company, Forensic and Asset Manager Auditor. 4,700+ clients throughout Australia. Lived and practised in The Whitsundays for 25+ years. 450+ clients in The Whitsundays; individuals, businesses, clients in agriculture and tourism. Clients Collinsville, Bowen, Proserpine, Airlie, Shute Harbour, the Islands. 1,600+ clients that work with Australian Councils on a near-daily basis. Worked with the Public Service Sector, including Councils, for 45+ years.



There are 100’s of projects for fixing in The Whitsundays importantly; housing, bad roads and bad roads flooding. But a significant priority that contributes to fixing the foregoing is to provide the impetus, incentives and opportunities that encourage new and existing businesses to grow and prosper. To make The Whitsundays more welcoming to new business entrepreneurs. Revamp WRC’s Regional Strategy and Planning Directorate and change its catchcry to; “How can we assist your goals and wants efficiently & effectively?”



A better quality of life and cash flows. As an accountant in public practice in The Whitsundays for 25+ years, my practice is now providing escalating no-charge services to struggling families and businesses, particularly to residents struggling with the technologies for dealing with Centrelink and other government offices. My practice provides no-charge attendance to those starting a new business or innovating their existing businesses. As Mayor, I would escalate the input of these skills and passions to the Whitsunday Communities. 



Not have the QLD Public Service stand-over goons “encourage me” (which is common practise for all Councillors and Mayors) to stay out of WRC hardcore business. I would say that Julie Hall might have much to say about this, and I know at least two WRC Councillors would admit (via whistle-blower protection) to the QLD Government's stand-over tactics to enforce compliance with their rules. Most of the other Councillors don’t have the fortitude to deal with these matters.

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