Thursday, September 7, 2023


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Pioneering Chiropractic Care For A Healthier Future

In the pursuit of a pain-free and vibrant life, our bodies demand consistent check-ups to avert potential discomfort and injury down the road. For nearly a decade, Experience Healing has stood as a beacon of wellness in the Mackay community, delivering meticulous, thoughtful, and unwavering chiropractic care. With open arms, they welcome patients into a nurturing and inviting space, where helping people is the number one goal.

At the helm of Experience Healing stands Chiropractor Dr Mathew Tibbitts, an individual who brings a distinctive perspective to chiropractic care. Leveraging his extensive background in personal training, he draws on practical insights into the mechanics of the human body, ensuring that patients depart not just with immediate relief but armed with tools and knowledge for sustained recovery.

Dr Mat underlines the core principles at Experience Healing: “Movement, strength, posture and balance." By addressing deficiencies in these areas, the team endeavours to eradicate pain signals. They strive to not only alleviate pain but also correct overall posture and balance, encouraging patients to embrace regular care. Treatment techniques include chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue work, dry needling, cupping therapy, and a laser therapy that can only be found at Experience Healing.

Collaborating with Dr. Mat is a dedicated team, including Manager Kristy and Chiropractic Assistants Tanisha and Miranda. Miranda, also a full-time chiropractic student, showcases Experience Healing's commitment to nurturing the next generation of chiropractic talent. As the practice expands, plans are underway to welcome a dedicated Massage Therapist and a second full-time Chiropractor to the team. Recent renovations have transformed Experience Healing into an inviting space for both patients and staff. Looking ahead, community engagement takes centre stage with sponsorship, fundraising events, and forging partnerships with local businesses.

Dr. Mat's profound dedication to patient well-being propels his mission. Establishing a profound bond with his patients, he ensures their comfort, even amidst pain. No matter the ailment, Experience Healing is ready to offer relief.

You can contact Experience Healing by calling 07 4952 4400 or visiting their website

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