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Poisoned Tree On Cannonvale Beach

A big, beautiful fig tree on the parkland adjacent to Cannonvale Beach has been poisoned according to recent information given by Whitsunday Regional Council.

Evidence asserts that drill holes have been discovered around the base of the tree and poison could have been inserted into the roots which has then poisoned the tree itself.

The tree has now lost over half its leaves and the remaining structure is brown and frail looking.

A Whitsunday Regional Council statement on the matter reads as follows:

“We regret to inform the community of the loss of a beautiful fig tree on the Cannonvale Foreshore,” it said.

“Over the past two weeks, deliberate damage has been inflicted upon the tree, evidenced by drill holes strategically placed around its trunk, indicating a poisoning attempt.

“Over the weekend, fresh poison holes were found, and the tree has taken a turn for the worse. Unfortunately, an arborist report has confirmed the tree cannot be saved and will be removed to ensure public safety. We will look to replant a new tree in its place.”

Sadly, the statement, which was released on Council’s Facebook Page, soon garnered unfavourable attention from community members throwing accusations at the neighbours of the nearby apartments, claiming they had poisoned the tree to get a better view.

“Pretty clear who it was. Their unit is in the background of the photo!! Need to just plant another bigger and denser tree to replace it and put in camera surveillance,” Paul Jukes commented on the post.

Appalled apartment owners have since come forward in defence, stating they would never poison the tree, nor do they know of any neighbours in the tight knit community that would do so.

“I’ve been living here 12 years and there’s no way I’d poison the tree and, while I don’t know everyone in the units, I am the Chairman of the Body Corp and I wouldn’t think anyone would do it,” said resident, Alistair Gourlay.

“We’ve got such a lovely view, and the tree is beautifying the parkland across the road, I don’t see why anyone would want to destroy it.”

The incident has now been logged with Queensland Police, and Council are encouraging anybody who may have information about the act of vandalism to contact Council or the Police.

A beautiful old fig tree on Cannonvale Beach has been poisoned. Photo supplied

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