Thursday, February 2, 2023


Mackay and Whitsunday Life

Port Denison Gun Club Monthly Results

The Port Denison Gun Club had a fantastic turn out for its first shoot of the year with 39 competitors battling it out on the day.  

Shooters travelled from as far as Sarina, Mackay, Townsville, Silkwood, and Burdekin to join local members.

Event One: 10 Pr Double Rise AA: R Gough, J Rossato 19/20, A Zarb 15/20: A: M Zabala 19/20, K Zarb, C Edgerton 17/20; B: G McHenry 17/20, D Stitt 16/20, G Maltby 15/20; C: D Rossato, G Dalton 16/20, T Bartlett 15/20.

Event Two: 20T DB AA: S Steele, R Gough, J Furini, J Rossato, T Caruso, T Coco 20/20; A: a Vassalini, A Lord 20/20, M Populin, M Zabala, K Zarb, C Edgerton, G Maltby 19/20; B: R Zarb, J Schneider 19/20, G Dalton 18/20; C: B Bonanno, C Dent, N Kirkman, W Rossato.

Event Three: 20T SB AA: J Furini, T Caruso, L Dodd, R Gough 19/20; A: D Stitt 20/20, G McHenry, A Lord 19/20;B: J Kinnonmonth 19/20, R Zarb, G Dalton 17/20; B: N Kirkman 19/20, T Bartlett 18/20, D Dent 16/20.

Event Four: 20T Pointscore AA: T Coco 60/60, A Lemphers, L Dodd, R Gough, J Rossato 59/60; A: K Zarb 60/60, G McHenry, B Gall, D Stitt, C Edgerton 59/60; B: R Zarb 54/60, J Schneider 53/60, J Kinnonmonth 50/60; C: W Rossato, J Coleman 56/60, B Bonnano 55/60.

Event Five: 20T Handicap 1st M Zabala, 2nd A Lord, 3rd B Gall Overall in Each Grade – Bowen Engineering Trophy AA: J Rossato 134/140, A: A Lord 143/154, B: J Schneider, C: B Bonanno, Jun: D Rossato, Lad: A Vassalini, Vet: T Coco.

The club extended its thanks to all who helped at the working bee or on the day.  Kerry for a lovely morning tea and lunch.  

Port Denison Gun Club will be hosting a Practice Day on Saturday, January 28, and Saturday, February 11 at 2.00pm. Clay Target shooting. The club’s next shoot will be held on Sunday, February 26 at 9am.

Contributed with thanks to Cheryl Edgerton


Port Denison Gun Club handicap winners B Gall, A Lord, and M Zabala

Overall winners T Coco, B Bonanno, J Schneider, A Love, J Rossato, and D Rossato

The Club’s ‘Shooter of the Year’, Greg Maltby

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