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Port Denison Gun Club News

The Port Denison Gun Club invited fifteen shooters to its monthly February competition on an overcast day with a slight breeze, which proved a challenge for the shooters.

The winners were: Event One: 20T DB AA: B Gall 20/20, A Lord 17/20; A: D Stitt, C Edgerton 20/20, J Kinninmonth, G McHenry 18/20; B: G Dalton 16/20, D Bartlett 14/20.

Event Two: 20T SB A Lord 16/20, B Gall 14/20; A: M Populin, D Stitt 17/20, J Kinninmonth, L Dalton 16/20, B: G Dalton 16/20, D Bartlett 14/20, C: T Bartlett 17/20, B Bonanno 15/20, P LeBlowitz 13/20.

Event Three: 20 T PS AA: B Gall 58/60, A Lord 45/60 A: C Edgerton 58/60, M Populin 55/60, G McHenry 54/60 B: G Dalton 48/60, D Bartlett 43/60.

Event Four: 20T Continental AA: B Gall 18/20, A Lord 16/20 A: J Kinninmonth 20/20, M Populin, L Dalton 18/20 B: G Dalton 19/20, D Bartlett 17/20 C: T Bartlett 19/20, P LeBlowitz, B Bonanno 14/20

Event Five: 20T Handicap 1st L Dalton 19/20, G McHenry 18/20, T Bartlett 21/24 after a shoot off with C Edgerton and G Dalton. Overall for the Day in Each Grade – Sponsored by the Central Hotel: AA: B Gall 126/140, A: C Edgerton 125/140, B: G Dalton 116/140, C: T Bartlett 119/140.

The Club extended its thanks to sponsor of the day The Central Hotel and to everyone who helped in any way over the weekend.

The next shoot will be the Club’s 100 Target Day held on the Sunday, March 26, commencing at 9.30 AM. Practice will be available from 8.30 to 9.15 AM.

Contributed with thanks to Colin Edgerton

Central Hotel Trophy Overall L-R B Gall, CEdgerton, G Dalton, T Bartlett

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