Thursday, August 31, 2023


Mackay and Whitsunday Life

Port Denison Gun Club News

Sunday 27th August saw 23 shooters competing for the day.

Shooters travelled from Silkwood, Townsville, Burdekin, and Mackay/Sarina to join our members for a day of competition.

The day was sunny and very windy which proved challenging.

The winners were:

Ev 1: 25T DB AA: P Scalia, J Rossato 25/25, G Maltby, R Gough, C Tremlett 24/25;

A: J Cerqui, G McHenry 24/25, R Zarb, K Zarb 23/25;

B: N Kirkman 21/25, J Taylor 19/25, R Mikkelsen 16/25;

C: B Bonanno 23/25, A Gangemi 20/25, P LeBlowitz, W Rossato 17/25

Ev 2: 25T SB AA: G Maltby, C Tremlett 24/25, J Rossato, R Gough 23/25;

A: B Gall 23/25, J Sebastiani Snr 22/25, D Rossato, C Edgerton 20/25;

B: J Taylor 21/25, R Mikkelsen, N Kirkman 18/25;

C: B Bonanno 18/25, W Rossato 16/25, P LeBlowitz 15/25

Ev 3: 25T P/Score AA: P Scalia, J Rossato 74/75, G Maltby 69/75;

A: K Zarb 72/75, C Edgerton 69/75, R Zarb 67/75;

B: R Mikkelsen 65/75, J Taylor 59/75, N Kirkman 57/75;

C: B Bonanno 64/75, R Ness 57/75, J Dickersen, W Rossato 56/75

Ev 4: 25T H/Cap 1st N Kirkman 24/25, 2nd G Maltby 28/30, 3rd R Zarb 27/30

Overall for the Day Sponsored by Bowen Industrial Hire AA: P Scalia and J Rossato 142/150; A: K Zarb 137/150; B: N Kirkman 120/150; C: B Bonanno 125/150

Thank you to our sponsor of the day, Bowen Industrial Hire, thank you to everyone who helped in any way over the weekend. Our next shoot will be held on Sunday 24th September with the working bee and practise on Saturday 23rd. Hope to see you all there.

Overall Sponsored by Bowen Industrial Hire AA J Rossato and P Scalia, A K Zarb, B N Kirkman, C B Bonanno

Ev 4 Handicap 3rd R Zarb, 2nd G Maltby, 1st N Kirkman. Photos supplied

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