Thursday, August 24, 2023


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‘Post Summer Damage Control’

As the days get cooler and the summer tan fades, the potential signs of skin cancer become much easier for doctors to identify, making winter the perfect time to get your skin checked.

The tropics are notorious for damaging sun, with doctors advising Queenslanders to get their skin checked at least once a year, although if any changes are noticed on the skin between these checks, it’s important to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Things to look out for include any moles or lesions on the skin that have suddenly appeared or changed – whether that be growing in size, darkening in colour, itchy or simply looking unusual compared to other moles.

Offering skin cancer checks, diagnosis, surgery, sun damage repair and mole removal, the expert team CQ Skin Cancer Centre is here to guide you through the process.

Drs Keith Van Den Heever, Kerry Summerscales, Rajaswi Sainju and Htike Aung are all qualified with advanced university certifications in skin cancer medicine.

CQ Skin Cancer Centre is also the only clinic in the region offering total body photography, a full body mole mapping technology that takes a series of photos of the entire skin surface to be compared from a baseline image over years, immediately identifying anything out of the ordinary.

Experience shorter wait times and thorough service by booking your skin check this winter.

Find CQ Skin Cancer Centre at 11 Downie Avenue, Bucasia, contact the clinic at 07 4954 7755 or visit to book your skin check today.

The dedicated team at CQ Skin Cancer Centre urge Queenslanders to get their skin checked this winter

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