Thursday, August 24, 2023


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Press From The Pickleball Court

Another Easter Celebration has come and gone but not for our Mackay Pickleballers; we celebrate every time we take the court. Such is the joy of playing this new code of sport for everyone.

How did Pickleball find its way to Mackay, you may well ask. From humble beginnings in 2018, by a small group of good friends, who discovered it being played on a southern holiday, had a go, and were immediately hooked. We thank you, Anne and Monica, for your insight, teachings and bringing this crazy, fun new code of sport to Mackay.

Pickleball is a “racquet and ball” sport with a perfect balance of court dimensions, rules, and equipment to afford all skill levels and age groups enjoyment and success on court.

The game is a combination of tactical shots, patience, and easy to learn strokes, which encourage an inclusive play environment with no need for modifications or adaptations to cater for gender, ability, or age differences. Pickleball is both fun and challenging with a combination of long rallies and a blend of soft and rapid-fire shots; where the best athlete must earn their points not purely by athleticism, power, and speed, but also through the use of positioning, patience, tactics, and touch.

Finally, pickleball provides connections, social, mental, and physical well-being benefits, which are just some of the reasons players are passionately embracing this sport at such a rapid rate.

Indoor Pickleball at PCYC Mackay is welcoming, accessible, and safe; while striving to be equitable, diverse and inclusive. It is guaranteed once you pick up that “Paddle” and hit the “wiffle” ball it will be difficult not to keep going. We have all you need to get started.

You can catch us for a low cost of $7 for two hours every Tuesday; 5:30pm – 7:30pm; Thursday; 12:00pm – 2:00pm; Sunday; 09:00am – 11:00am.

Contributed by Michelle Sheehan

Mackay Pickleball Easter celebrations. Photos supplied: Michelle Sheehan

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