Thursday, August 24, 2023


Mackay and Whitsunday Life

Property Point

Sure, it had been quite funny while it lasted over my indulgent summer break but my impression of the Michelin Man had , well, worn thin. It was time to put a stop to the whole routine.

I needed a companion in my stepped-up health and fitness campaign and my tough little border collie/kelpie/something else dog Millie has been an eager participant, although somewhat of a show off if I am going to be honest.

A key part of the campaign is a morning run along Far Beach in East Mackay. We drive from our home in West Mackay and, as we approach the beach along Bridge Road we see those locals enjoying their morning exercise, many heading for a beach walk.

As we pull up in the old Toyota (can’t get a new car if a wet and sandy dog is in the passenger seat) you can see the self-satisfied looks on those East Mackay people, amused at this out-of-suburber having to drive from who-knows-where to get to God’s Country by the beach.

Yeah, well I came from West Mackay my friend. And when you want to go to the Botanic Gardens for a relaxing stroll or a walk with the dog because you’re sick of the sand blowing in your face, you might just see me there.

The point is that we all love our own habitats for different reasons. I do love living a couple of minutes walk from the Botanic Gardens … I’ve spent many hours walking, running, riding through the gardens and it has been a terrific part of our family experience of Mackay.

I also love the convenience of West Mackay, the easy access to schools, shops, community facilities, the CBD, the airport etc.

But those people in East Mackay love their beach and so they should.  East Mackay is also a super-convenient, easy place to live. There’s a lot to like.

Of course, we all choose our suburbs for a reason. People in Glenella, Rural View, parts of Ooralea, Beaconsfield and Andergrove like the modern housing that’s available.

Mt Pleasant people love the convenience and quality of their suburb. Bucasia and Shoal Point … more beaches and relaxed lifestyle.

The thing is that whatever draws us to the suburb we choose, it ends up being the community, the neighbourbood and the sense of belonging that makes it home.

Many people at the moment are choosing to downsize or upgrade and that could mean selling up and making the move. It’s a bit daunting but a change is exciting and new experiences await.

It’s a good time to find out about the market so give me or one of the other Gardian agents a call to find out what’s happening and where your property sits in the market.

It could be the start of a big new chapter.

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