Thursday, March 21, 2024


Mackay and Whitsunday Life

Property point

I went for a check-up at the skin clinic the other day and when I went in to see the doctor I accidentally left my car keys and wallet on the seat next to where I had been waiting.

My car was parked out the front and it was virtually an open invitation for someone to grab the remote, jump in the car and have some fun with my cash and credit card.

It had been a busy day and I had been sending work emails and texts as I was waiting to see the doctor, so while my body and soon-to-be-burned-off sunspot were definitely at the clinic, my head was not.

When I came out to reception to pay for the treatment I realised I didn’t have my wallet. I went back to the doctor’s room and, no, I hadn’t left it in there so I returned to where I had been sitting and waiting and there it was, lying on the next seat with my keys.

My car was parked right outside the front door and, while I didn’t leave written directions for a thief and a map to my car, it is not a very common type of vehicle in Mackay and the remote control has very clear and distinctive branding. It would have been pretty easy to identify.

The people on either side of the seat smiled as I leaned over and grabbed my belongings and I went and paid for the treatment.

As I paid the woman at reception I mentioned that the clinic had “very honest clients” but it also got me thinking about the crime situation in Mackay compared to other areas of Queensland.

As a real estate agent, I get a lot of calls from investors from down south who ask about the quality of the suburbs of Mackay they are looking at. They want to make sure they are not buying in an area known for crime.

Buyers from southern states hear stories about crime in Queensland, in particular youth crime in regional areas.

There are definitely areas of regional Queensland that have a high level of crime and it seems pretty clear that Townsville has a problem with property crime.

But when real estate buyers from southern regions ask me about Mackay I can honestly say that this is not a high crime area. I speak to people from all over the city and the consensus seems to be that they feel safe in their homes and when they are out and about on the streets.

This is, of course, not to say there is no crime because that happens in every city. Drugs, particularly ice, seem to be as big an issue here as anywhere. So clearly there is crime, both against people and property and it would be stupid to suggest otherwise.

However, I feel that Mackay is relatively safe and certainly does not have the level of crime currently being experienced in other cities and regions.

When I speak to investors from down south I am a big advocate for Mackay on several fronts … our strong economy, superb lifestyle, terrific weather, low rental vacancies, access to the Whitsundays etc.

I also tell them that compared to other cities, there is very little crime in the suburbs and they should feel confident buying in what is typically a low-crime area.

There are some dangerous features of life here, not least our belting midday summer sun so make sure you get your skin checked and, just to be safe, hold on to your wallet and keys.

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