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Quality Control With Workshop Manager Darren (Yogi) Smith

“It’s interesting and no two days are the same”, according to Darren (Yogi) Smith, the warehouse manager at ShirtFront and the person who organises everything behind the scenes of the store to ensure a smooth running in all aspects of production.

Yogi had known Kev before ShirtFront was established and the two make a formidable team, both through innovation and fast-paced efficiency.

From managing the warehouse to receiving stock, unpacking all the orders and ensuring that everything is running in tip-top shape, Yogi is at the beating heart of production.

Having relocated from his home town in Geelong to North Queensland 33 years ago, Yogi remained dedicated to his profession ever since. With decades of experience in the field, he brings great value to his role at ShirtFront, contributing to the company's continued success and growth.

In his spare time, Yogi enjoys crafting his own brews at home, casting his line into the tranquil waters, or scouring the earth for precious gems.

“My hobbies are home brewing and fishing, I also love gem fossicking in my spare time,” he said

Yogi’s hobbies reflect his love for the outdoors and relaxation, intertwining with his perspective of his own personality, which he describes as “cool, calm and organised.”

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