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Rainbows And Friendship At The 2024 B Kinder Day Celebrations

B Kinder Day took place across Australia on the 22nd June, with local schools and businesses across the region participating in events over the last few weeks.
B Kinder Day celebrates the life of 12-year-old Billie Kinder, who tragically lost her life in a horse-riding incident in May 2016. Billie is known as an extraordinary girl who had the gift of giving.
Billie’s legacy has become one of kindness. Billies mum and CEO and Founder of B Kinder, Danny Mason-Kinder, created the foundation and B Kinder Day to empower and inspire others, spread kindness and combat bullying within schools.
This year, every school in the Whitsundays celebrated B Kinder day, with the recent additions of Proserpine Kindergarten, Proserpine High School and now Proserpine Primary School.
The Lions Club got involved again this year, providing B Kinder cards for Cannonvale State school, for the children to write messages of kindness:
Some of the businesses and groups that got involved were Fat Frog Cafe, Whitsunday Suicide Prevention Network, Proserpine Vet, Subway (who provided cookies for the Under 8’s day in Bowen), Milwaukee, BIG4 Adventure Whitsundays and Tennis Whitsunday.
When speaking about Tennis Whitsundays, Danny mentioned how it was “fantastic to have a sporting club” involved this year.
Danny also mentioned all the individuals who celebrated the day personally:
“We have a lot of friends up there, so I know a lot of people did it personally.”
B Kinder Ambassador, Tessa Jolley, visited Proserpine High School, where Danny said Tessa had a “really good talk with them.”
Danny said it was hard to pick a highlight from the year as, “the level of engagement every year gets better and better.”
“I think it's become something that's really embedded in the calendar now every year, and the schools look forward to it, it's a really nice day for the kids to engage and connect with each other, and it's just a really lovely, positive day.”
Individuals in the schools and businesses have started dressing up in rainbow colours and being creative with the photos they take:
“This year it's become a little bit of a thing that all the kids dress up in different colours in their classes and then they make human rainbows.”
Some of the community has been using drones to take their pictures while others have positioned themselves to write the “words B Kind or made human rainbow colours,” Danny enthused.
Danny wanted to thank everyone who got involved this year:
“The support of B Kinder and Billie’s legacy, is huge, especially in her home town, it means so much to us that everyone still thinks of Billie and keeps getting involved, it's amazing”

B Kinder Day at Fat Frog Café over the weekend
B Kinder Ambassador, Tessa Jolley, visited Proserpine High School
Children get involved at Tennis Whitsundays
B Kinder Day at BIG4 Adventure Whitsundays
Prossie High love getting involved with B Kinder Day each year

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