Thursday, November 16, 2023


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Recognising Children Lost In The System

Brenda-Lee McDougal has worked tirelessly for over twenty years in a labour of love to recognise orphans and abandoned children who have been lost in the foster care system.

Brenda-Lee’s husband Scott sent an email to the Jay and Dave Breakfast Show, hosted by the Triple M Mackay radio station to acknowledge his wife’s efforts in installing a memorial park bench at Royal Sands Park.

Scott stated, “I think she deserves some recognition as she has done this good deed and fought tooth and nail”.

“She still works hard to help out underprivileged and homeless people in our region.”

Brenda-Lee joined the Jay and Dave Breakfast Show to comment on her project.

Brenda-Lee stated, “Previously I was in Ayr, I was placed into care when I was eight years old.

“Unfortunately, I ended up in some bad places, and then I ended up in some really good places, that made me who I am today.”

Brenda-Lee has been fighting to grant awareness of foster children who are lost in the system, more specifically in regards to a foster home that was located in Bucasia.

She hopes to shed light on some failing institutions and get them banned for good, commenting that some ‘have eighteen to one room’.

The bench and plaque dedicated to Brenda-Lee’s mission resides at Royal Sands Park, and she hopes that people can ‘sit down, see the plaque, self-reflect and think about others that are less fortunate.’

Kudos to Brenda-Lee for shedding light on an important issue and fostering a strong voice in our community for children who have been forgotten.

Brenda-Lee sits on the newly-established bench at Royal Sands Park

Photo credit: Triple M Mackay

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