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Remember The Nostalgia With The Australian Beach Boys

Lay back and get ready for an afternoon of relaxation like none before, with the cool tunes of the Beach Boys waving over you.

With cruising vocals and that perfect classic 60s feel, The Beach Boys have never gone out of style, only reimagined with all time fans, with the Australian Beach Boys Tribute paying homage to the nostalgia of our time.

A brainchild of performer Will Siska, the Australian Beach Boys Tribute is a loving recreation of the nostalgic legends that are the Beach Boys.

“We chose to go with the Beach Boys because they have these great harmonies and vocals that just transcend, and have the nostalgic energy that we craved,” explained Will.

Having been touring Australia with their Australian Beach Boys Tribute for over seven years, the team know how to get the crowd going, with amazing vocals, and authentic recreations of the energy and costuming.

Will acts as one of the lead vocalists and on rhythm guitar.

With him is Greg, with lead vocals, Gerry as vocalist and the band's drummers, Michael as vocalist and lead guitar and Ian on bass guitar.

The crew also enlist the powerful presence and vocals of Anita, who is backing vocals and feature vocalist.

“Anita highlights many of the songs, and she’s amazing in her own right,” Will explained.

Altogether, this crew ensures the perfect energy for a performance like no other.

“This is more than just a tribute show,” Will explained.

“We have meticulously recreated the Beach Boys song, look, instruments, and stage presence.”

And now, what is Will’s favourite track that the band performs?

“Hands down ‘Don’t Worry Baby' is my favourite,” he explained.

“That song has always resonated with me. It has this beautiful feel, beautiful harmonies, and beautiful vocals.

“However, Under the Boardwalk and Kokomo are massive crowd favourites. They just put this energy into the audience that is amazing.”

Now, what can Airlie Beach expect?

“Expect the best of the best,” Will laughed.

“This show will be high energy, with amazing harmonies, great costumes, and even better vocals. And don’t miss that nostalgic feel!”

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