Thursday, May 9, 2024


Mackay and Whitsunday Life

Rescuing A Feathered Friend

Mackay Pet Rescue Inc responded urgently to a distressing call concerning a male duck, known as a drake, found in a dire state at the Gooseponds late last week.
The rescue team arrived with a harrowing sight as blood stained the male duck’s neck and his movements were hindered by evident pain.
Without hesitation, the compassionate team sprang into action and took him under their wing to ensure the best possible outcome for his safety and well-being.
The drake was transported to the teams experienced and beloved carer, Robin Morgan, where she tended to his wounds and provided the duck with the comfort of her safe hands and loving care.
The drake is receiving the attention and treatment necessary for his healing and he is on the road to recovery under the influence of his caretaker, Robin.
Though his path to full health may come with challenges, the commitment of Mackay Pet Rescue Inc ensures that he will have the best chance to recovery under their care.
He will spread his wings once again and return to his home at the familiar waters of the Gooseponds once he has recovered from his injuries.

Mackay Pet Rescue rescued an injured male duck from the Gooseponds late last week. Photo Credit: Mackay Pet Rescue (Facebook)

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